Art by Sandra Dee

Artist’s Statement

Art should be fun, colorful and packed with texture and the rhythm of life.  It’s suggestive – of love, peace, and life beyond.  It lifts your spirits, or bares your soul.  Art allows introspection, if you dare to stare. 

My paintings rejoice the constancy of humankind regardless of ethnicity, preference or condition.  Our society often is a melting pot of sin, sumptuous opulence, simple pleasures and smiling people.  Sandra Dee canvases show this color, twist on the perfect and navigate a libidinous undercurrent.

I believe art should soothe the soul, yet snag the subconscious.  A canvas can add reminders of life, and serve as armor against parsing our brief time into lifeless chunks. 

My art brings a smile, adds color and texture, spins thoughts of novas and starry nights, recounts a fashionable moment, warns of a coming storm and tugs at your under shorts.



Sandra Dee Art captures the eye candy of south Florida with healthy dollops of bright energy from Aspen and Scottsdale.  Sandra’s travels and training in art and fashion have shaped her work in design – art, jewelry and clothing.   Sandra and her husband live in Melbourne with their two Golden Retrievers and two rescue kittens.

Large format acrylic on canvas.  Originals and embellished giclees available.