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Buckles range from $120 to $225 and include belt straps



Make every outfit a unique expression of yourself

All of us eagerly awaited the unveiling of Kate Middleton's wedding dress.  Why?  Because it would be one of a kind. Now like any celebrity, you can have unique fashion with a one of a kind belt buckle from Sandra Dee Art!   Using vintage, recycled jewelry along with Swarovski jewels, Sandra Dee creates a belt that expresses your own uniqueness.

Choose colors in your one of a kind belt buckle that match your outfits. Choose themes in your one of a kind belt buckle that reflect your interests and personality. Choose to recycle your own vintage jewelry pieces to make a one of a kind belt buckle that is not only a beautiful accessory but also a conversation piece.

A special gift for a special time


Recently, one of our customers gathered pieces of jewelry from all the women in her family to make a one of a kind belt buckle for her niece's 16th birthday. It was a reminder to her niece of all the wonderful, strong and unique women in her history. And she got the aunt of the year reward from her niece. So gather your own recycled vintage jewelry and Sandra Dee can make a special gift of a one of kind belt buckle for your loved one! It's a priceless gift!


Sandra Dee scours the market for unique recycled vintage jewelry to make each belt buckle a unique fashion statement. And when you purchase your belt, you'll be making a unique fashion statement to all your friends--"Look at me, I'm special and unique."

How to wear your belt buckle

You don't need a small waist to wear our belt buckles. These belt buckles look great draped below the waist or up high under the breast area.  And with a one of a kind belt buckle, your belted outfit will actually make you look slimmer! The focus will be on the recycled vintage jewelry and not your size. These belt buckles also make a black outfit look more interesting. 

Choose your one of a kind belt buckle!
One of a kind Black Cross buckle
One of a kind multi color buckle
Butterfly buckle
Pink Fantasy Buckle
Pink Peace Buckle
Black and White Sophistication Buckle
Flower Power Buckle